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deltoid muscle

The Shoulder Muscle: Basics, Training and Treatment.

The first part of this piece will give you a basic understanding of how the shoulder muscles work. The second part is a little more detailed for those that want to better understand the anatomy. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. In this blog, we look at how the muscles in the shoulder work to provide us with strength and mobility in this joint. We will also examine why we can get shoulder pain. Then, we’ll delve into a little more detail for those that want to better understand the anatomy of the shoulder, discussing the deltoid, rotator cuff and smaller component muscles.

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detail spine

How Your Lower Back and Hips Function

The role of the muscles of the erector spinae - multifidus, longissimus and iliocostalis – is spinal stability, not to extend or move the individual joints that they cross over. The Individual muscles are in the wrong position with the wrong angles of force to extend the joint efficiently. They are too weak, with small tendons that attach to the thin bone of the spinous process and transverse process. Muscles that pull to flex and extend the joints they surround are much bigger, with strong tendons and strong attachments, think biceps and triceps for example.

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